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About us.

Kent Africa has an excellent decades-long track record in the construction and field services of projects and their outcomes. Our success is reflected in the repeat business we enjoy with satisfied customers. Our construction and commissioning engineers form part of the project teams from the start to ensure constructability is considered early in the design stage. This is the best way to ensure the most cost-effective and safest methods of construction, installation and completion.

How We Began:

In 2010, like minded engineers set up Kent Africa Limited in Nairobi, Kenya.
They founded the Company as a turnkey service provider in engineering solutions.

In the many years of existence, the consultancy has grown into a company of unprecedented scale, with strong attention to design in order to meet the needs of the client and industry.

Kent Africa has expanded rapidly, and has earned a reputation for devising advanced, creative and economical solutions in the oil and gas industry.

Over time, the breadth of expertise has ranged from engineering to architecture, project management, and specialist skills such as fuelling systems design to facility management.

The company`s portfolio today is broad and far-reaching. Through our dedication and service, we help clients and other stakeholders plan for the seamless opening and operation of major facilities like buildings, gas stations, quick service restaurants, Oil depots, warehouses, lubricants and oil batching plants.

Kent Africa Limited has three offices in Eastern and Southern Africa and the employee number is still growing.

Kent Africa limited aims to be the leader in project management andprovision of excellent engineering solutions, our designers incorporate future trends in project designs as well as how an individual site or its immediate surroundings may be developed in future, availability of materials and best practice in sustainability.

At Kent Africa Limited, research and innovation is part of the company’s
pursuit of technical excellence. This research mainly conducted by specialists and through collaboration with academic institutions or partnership within specific industry.

Kent Africa Limited invests in strategic research projects and innovations using the latest technology that arm us with knowledge and insight needed to plan effectively for future trends and projects.

Investing in Kent Africa Limited’s own people is a key integral part of the company’s approach to business. A strict technical training program – as well as training on disciplines such as project management, contracts management, health, safety, security and environment- equips employees for the challenges offered by the most exciting projects. The emphasis on training and technical excellence means that Kent Africa Limited continues to attract and retain many of the best engineers and designers.

Kent Africa Limited recognizes that to deliver work of quality, to maintain our reputation for innovation and creativity and to understand and delight our clients we need to fully embrace the skills, abilities and knowledge that only a diverse and inclusive workforce can deliver.

As a growing company, we recognize and respect each other`s uniqueness and strive to build a work environment where different perspectives are actively harnessed to create the best solutions for our equally diverse client base.

Our senior leadership is fully committed to ensuring there are equal opportunities for everyone to grow and evolve within the company based on fairness and respect. We will provide opportunities for people regardless of their background or circumstances, through either recruitment, retention, career progression, reward or learning and development.

At Kent Africa Limited, diversity is essential for our future success in meeting our primary mission ‘excellent customer satisfaction’.

Kent Africa Limited values long standing relationships and connecting with clients, business partners and with our colleagues. The company`s creative spark and intellectual independence coupled with trust, honesty and integrity is the foundation of our culture.

We stick by our clients and the need to solve their challenges and complex
problems. This is achieved through our professional drive to discover new ways to turn ideas into tangible reality. This passion is behind many of the completed and ongoing projects- architectural, engineering, project
management and construction.

Behind Kent Africa Limited`s relentless pursuit of technical excellence, operating principle, commitment to sustainability and taking pride in being innovative and delivering successful engineering solutions are paramount.

We respect each other, our clients, and the environment. Safety and care is considered in our work to the highest standard. We enjoy each other`s company, freely exchange ideas, share opinions and celebrate our achievements.

Kent Africa Limited brings together professionals from diverse disciplines and with complementary skills, in a uniquely national and international scale. The depth of expertise and sheer numbers of specialists allow Kent Africa Limited to take on complex, strategic projects that no other company could probably deliver.

Kent Africa supervises building construction, fuelling systems and rehabilitation projects on behalf of its clients. We have developed sophisticated project and construction management methods and are committed to completing projects in specified time-lines, within provided
budgets without compromising on quality and safety.

Across East and South Africa, we coordinate the construction of capital
projects on behalf of public authorities, international funding agencies, private companies, multinational corporations and manufacturing companies.

We also provide consultation services that would involve carrying out resource utilization audits and offering advice on the most cost effective and practical means of running a project. This also involves taking up of stalled projects and offering solutions leading to their completion.

As a proactive partner, Kent Africa Limited manages projects through, offering technical support, budget control, maintenance of schedules, and safety and environmental impact on projects. This is attributed to a highly qualified team at Kent Africa limited that has developed specific skills in managing multi-site projects.

To satisfy the requirements of major national and international clients in various capacities, Kent Africa has a unique capability to work simultaneously on a large number of sites, where it provides design and construction supervision services, project and program management, due diligence assessments and general contracting services.


16 Muchai Road,  
P.O. Box: 2897-00100,
Nairobi, Kenya.


Phone: +254 (111) 768812,
       , +254 (768) 822972 .